Writing is not as easy as many students think it to be. It accompanies a lot of challenges, and different styles and formats have to be taken care of. It is obvious that those who have spent years in the writing industry are able to write better than the ones who are new to the field. Whether you are a student or an academic writer, it is your duty to come up with quality essays on a regular basis, the ones that guarantee success and leave a good impression on the teacher.

We must bear in mind that there is no shortcut to success. It is important for every student to work hard to improve his GPA and to come up with the expectations of his teachers and parents. During your academic career, you will be required to write a lot of essays, and if you do not pay attention to the quality, you may end up getting poor marks. It is a cycle where the involvement of the teacher is as important as the role of a student. If the teacher does not provide pupils with clear instructions, it will certainly be impossible for them to write quality papers and to meet the deadlines.

Here we have shared some hacks to write essays timely and with no compromise on quality. Thanx for this features to PerfectEssay https://perfectessay.com/do-my-essay-australia

  1. Begin with an impressive quote

If you write essay to simply and want to make the teacher feel excited and happy about the quality, then it is essential for you to begin the essay with a proper quote, which is meant to inspire. Make sure the quote has come from a book you are studying in the class, and reference and cite it properly. The strong quotes provide credibility to the introduction and make this part of the essay look purposeful. There is no need to write multiple quotes since they will look copied and the teacher might get angry at you. The use of a single quote in the first line is one of the best hacks.

  1. Practice writing

Writing needs a lot of practice and your utmost attention and dedication. It is not a one-day work that is once done, so you will be free to avoid it in the future. Instead, you will be required to write essays regularly, during your academic life. So it becomes necessary for you to practice writing an essay or two every day. Even when the teacher has not provided you with a topic, you can choose the one yourself and write an essay on it. Ideally, the essay should consist of 500 to 1000 words, and allocate some time to yourself to come up with a quality product. Once you begin practicing, it will be easy for you to come up with excellent essays and projects.

  1. Learn time management skills

You can give a try to the Pomodoro technique that is considered the best time management technique. It was first introduced by Francesco Cirillo in 1980. According to this technique, you will have to write an essay in 25 minutes and separate the content into different headings and subheadings. After that, you can take a short break, and once you return to the work, you can begin writing another essay. Doing so and repeating the process, it will be easy to learn how to manage the time. The idea is to break the time into different sections so that you can come up with quality papers without wasting any time or without feeling pressurized or depressed.

  1. Get rid of the distractions and noises

It is one of the major hacks. Rather than opting for essay writing services, you should concentrate on the studies as well as write the essays. During this process, you should get rid of all the distractions and noises. For example, if the music was turned on, it is time to turn it off and stay away from all the noises that might distract your attention from the essay. Similarly, if the social media account is on, then you should close its window right now so that you can focus on what you are writing. In short, all types of distractions have to be removed from your life so that the essay’s quality does not get lowered.

  1. Prevent others from entering your study room

The chance is that your parents, friends, and siblings will often visit you while you are busy with the paper. If you do not want any kind of disturbance, you can request them to not enter your study room during the hours you are doing your work. For example, if you want to devote three hours a day to the studies or to your essay, then you can ask your mom and dad to not let anyone come to you or call you during these three hours. The idea is to save yourself from getting disturbed again and again. It will help you improve the quality of the essay.

  1. Find information from Wikipedia

If you are selecting some topics for essay writing in English, then Wikipedia is a good source for you. Most of the students opt for this website because it has loads of data. Bibliographies and content can be collected from different pages of Wikipedia as per your desires and requirements. However, you cannot insert those references in your essay since the teacher might give you poor marks. You can use Wikipedia and other encyclopedias to collect as many details about the topic or the issue as you like, and can easily save the web pages on the computer for offline uses.

  1. Backup the files or save them on the cloud drive

One of the major mistakes students make is that they do not back up the data or the content of their essays. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to find the same files in a large list of options, and sometimes the computer device stops responding, and all the data is lost. One of the best essay writing hacks is that you should save the files on Google Drive or another cloud drive so that the data does not get lost if the computer is halted. It is easy to find a cloud service provider. You just need to create a Gmail account or try another cloud drive of your choice.

  1. Use cloud-based applications

If you are not using your computer system and instead of looking to save the data on your mobile phone, then you can try a cloud-based application of your choice. A large number of apps are available on the internet. If the essay is being worked on through mobile, then you can go for Evernote. It is one of the most powerful applications and is available free of cost. You can make notes using Evernote and can easily save them on either your computer or your mobile device as per your convenience and ease. There is no need to go for a paid application because Evernote promises a seamless experience.

  1. Write short sentences and divide the paragraphs

One of the most significant writing hacks is that you write short sentences and divide every paragraph into five to seven sentences. There is no need to write long lines and long paragraphs as it will make the essay look bad. Instead, you should plan the essay, prepare an outline and make the headings within the content body to leave a good impression on the teacher. You should also not use confusing words and keep the vocabulary as simple as possible. Every sentence you write should make sense to the reader and has to be relevant to the topic or the issue being discussed.

  1. Get up early and walk around

It is true that essay writing is a complicated and time-taking process. It may take you some days or up to two weeks, depending on the actual deadline. However, if you want to prevent yourself from getting depressed or stressed during this process, then the best idea is to get up early in the morning and to go for a walk. You can visit a nearby park or garden for this purpose, and do the brisk walk for about half an hour. Make it a routine of your life as it will help you boost your performance and can guarantee an active and energetic mind.

  1. Have some coffee with snacks

You can have some coffee with your favorite snacks or sandwiches once a day. It should be a part of your routine, especially when you are studying in the study room and are alone there for some hours. Having a coffee will soothe your nerves and will help you feel energetic. It regulates the blood flow in the body, and the snacks will provide you with lots of nutrients to carry on the work. However, you should not have a lot of coffee since it can cause problems for you in the long run. One cup of coffee during the study hours is enough to go with.

  1. Jot down your ideas

It is obvious that a lot of ideas and tips and tricks will strike your mind while you are writing. If you want no data to be missed or lost, then it is important to jot down the ideas as soon as possible. You can write them in the form of short notes on a Word file. If you want to write them on a plain paper, then bring home a quality pen and a notebook to jot down the ideas in a better and efficient manner. It will allow you to collect the whole information and choose the best data from it so that the essay is done perfectly and as per the desires of the teacher.

  1. Write the draft as early as possible

It is another hack to write an essay flawlessly. You should prepare the first draft as soon as possible and submit it to the teacher for initial review. The chance is that he will not be very happy and may leave some poor feedback. However, you should not worry since the negative feedback is your chance to improve the quality of the content and to edit it as per the desires of the teacher. You must keep the draft ready in a day or two even when the deadline is not yet approaching. The draft is the first step toward writing a fantastic essay on the given topic.

  1. Try Grammarly to improve your vocabulary

It’s safe to say that Grammarly is one of the most trusted spellings and grammar checking tools on the web. It is used by a large number of students, writers, teachers, and professors, which means you should also try the premium version of Grammarly to improve your vocabulary. The chance is that you will make a lot of mistakes while writing the essay, and most of those mistakes are missed even when you proofread it again and again. Ideally, you should go with Grammarly as it is the best way to edit the essay quickly and proficiently. You can also replace some words with the better ones to make the essay look amazing.

  1. Begin writing now and end the essay early

Last but not the least, you should begin writing and try to finish the essay prior to the deadline. For example, if the deadline is in 15 days from now, then you should begin writing the essay right away so that you can save your time and can have enough hours to review it again and again.

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