Are you wondering how you can get more followers on Instagram? At the moment, I have personally reached 15,000 and people have been asking me how I did it. Did I spend money for these followers? First of all, buying followers hold no value, long term. You cannot get committed followers this way. IF you really want to gain more followers, there’s no magic trick needed, but hard work. As long as you are able to target your niche, you will have the support of the community. Since I am on the programming and tech side of things, my goal was to get the attention of this particular community.

And how exactly do you do such a thing?

  • Write a short but interesting bio. I decided to tell people about my educational background. I provided my email, location and the link to my blog.
  • Update regularly. If you want to stay relevant, you need to post one photo per day. Of course you do not want to spam people’s feeds, so not go overboard with the posting, but you need to be consistent with your postings.
  • Tag locations on your photos. Another good way for people to find your posts is to tag your location. Add a venue to your posts so that people can find your posts.
  • Be a little personal. Even if you want to leave some things private, you may want to share a little of your story because this allows you to engage with your audience. When you tell a story that people can relate you, you capture their attention.
  • Use hashtags generously and appropriately. Studies show that the use of as much as 11-15 hashtags is important, per post, if you really want to make things relevant. Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post, so be wise about your selection.
  • Feel free to tag other accounts. Of course, make sure to only tag accounts when it matters. Tagging will increase visibility of your posts.
  • Connect with accounts within your niche. If you want to be relevant in your own niche, make an effort to engage with other accounts because they will most likely return the effort.
  • Engage with your commenters. When you receive a comment from someone, make an effort to reply. This will get the conversation going.
  • Answer your private messages. If you get any private messages, take time to answer them because this encourages more relevant connections and friendships within social media.
  • Maintain a balance in your numbers. This means that you follower and following numbers should be more or less the same. This establishes credibility.


And if you’re wondering what you’re not allowed to do? There’s a few things: never use a “bot” because such practices are frowned upon. You may establish a theme, but such “perfection” can be a little boring. Do not be too polished and planned. People will see through your façade so aspire to be genuine, more than anything else.

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