Writing blogs is not an easy task and requires the blogger to have a passion for writing so that they can be able to write a perfect blog that will attract as many readers as possible. Therefore, the initial step to writing a good blog is by choosing a topic that you would be interested to read. This will help in the attraction of the readers that have a similar preference. Another way of choosing an interesting topic is by asking your friends for a suggestion or searching for the most common topics across the internet. In order for a topic to have interesting content, a blogger has to be unique to avoid writing the common details that such topics contain. This creates the need of knowing what to write in a blog for traffic. As a result, readers will find the blog interesting and even recommend it to other people for reading.

As well, when evaluating what to write in a blog ensure that the blog post headline is interesting so that it can attract people into opening the blog. You can try searching common keywords across the internet in order to incorporate them in the header. When searching for blogs, many people try as much as possible to search for the keywords related to the topic and, hence, your blog will stand a chance of being found across the internet.

In addition, on how to write good blogs, you should incorporate images relating to the topic. Images attract the eye faster as compared to a piece of work that does not have images. Make the images colorful and closely related to the topic.

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